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Frequently asked questions

I accidentally denied location services for this app. How do i re-enable location services (GPS) ?

To re-enable location services, on you device please go to: > Settings > Privacy > Location Services and enable location services in general and for this app in particular.

How can i zoom the map without accidentally moving the map?

To zoom without moving the map please: – double tap with 1 finger to zoom in – single tap with 2 fingers to zoom out.

The app uses another language than i expected

The app supports English, German and Dutch. If your device is set to another language, your device will try to use the first known language the app supports. The first known language is the language the device has been set to in the past. If you want the app to use English, please set your device to English temporarily and switch back to you original language. Now the app will use English. (The same procedure works for German and Dutch).

During installation the app says there is not enough free space, but i think i have enough space.

During installation the app might need more space than the size of the app. Please remove some other content to allow the installation to finish. After installation you can re-use the space and put the removed content back.